Inspection and Verification

Westlund has built stand alone and integrated inspection / verification systems. The systems have used mechanical, optical and/or electrical methods to determine the product characteristic required. Product presence can be detected by mechanically testing for limit switch movement, measuring a vacuum level during movement of a vacuum cup, photoeye beam reflection, ultrasonic signal disruption, or image pixel evaluation. Correct printing or coding can be certified by scanning an image or evaluating an optical “picture” from a camera. Product or package characteristics can be “measured” with linear transducers or calculated based on pixels of a camera system.

Mechanical presence verified by
limit switch actuation
Pouch Maker Video
Multiple sheets detected
by light “burn through”
Paper Puller Video
Correct literature determined
by scanning barcode
Barcode Video
verif_1   scan_3 scan_4
Plastic vial fill level and leak testing
verified by load cell output
Vial Video
Product orientation determined
by optical measurement
Compact Video
Product pattern recognized
by optical comparison
Compact Video
4_b-picture OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA keyence_picture
Product dimension measured
by counting pixels of image
Scleral Plug Video

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