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Pneumatic Cylinder Placers v. Variable Speed Motor Driven Placers

Talking with customers, it became apparent that there is a large misunderstanding about reciprocating placers.

On most reciprocating placers, the motion at the placer head is provided by a shaft that turns back and forth, anywhere from 90 to 180 degrees. This motion is normally either provided by a pneumatic cylinder or an electric motor.

But, there are many significant differences between a placer driven by a pneumatic cylinder and a placer driven by an electric motor.

A. Price

Pneumatic Placer – $4,800.00

Variable Speed Motor Driven Placer – $8,500.00

B. Speed

Pneumatic Placer – 60 cycles per minute, but 40 cycles per minute is more realistic

Variable Speed Motor Driven Placer – 90 cycles per minute

C.  Motion

Pneumatic Placer – Starts with a bang and stops with a bang. The air cylinder that drives a pneumatic placer builds up pressure in the cylinder until it can pull the product out of the magazine then runs to an abrupt stop as the product is being placed.

Variable Speed Motor Driven Placer – Moves like a piston in an automotive engine. Due to geometry, the motion of the placer head is smooth, slower when it removes the product from the magazine, speeds up through the middle of the movement, and slows down again when placing the product.

D.  Stop Position

Pneumatic Placer – Stops at each end of the air cylinder

Variable Speed Motor Driven Placer – Can be stopped in different positions   Advantage: the placing head (vacuum cups) can contact the product being removed from the magazine and pull it out slightly before coming to a stop, helping separate the products being placed (therefore, the stopping position and placer speed can be adjusted on the fly through the operator interface on the motor driven placer)

E.  Controls

Pneumatic Placer – Controlled from an external solenoid valve signaled from another machine or from a timer relay we build into the placer

Variable Speed Motor Driven Placer – Controlled by a PLC with an operator interface inside the placer, and built with variable speed AC or DC motors and controllers, providing easily adjustable timer triggers, inspection, stopping positions and production data on the read outs of the machine


Printable Placer Brochure

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The model 200 placer can be designed to fit a wide variety of applications. It comes with PLC control
Below is a small sample of products that we designed model 200 placer to handle. View Animation

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